Septic Tank Failure


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Your septic system consists of different moving parts that all work to remove waste from your home or commercial property. The septic tank is the unit where wastewater is cleaned. The tank separates the debris and sludge from the wastewater, before allowing it to pass on to the next filter and out of the unit. However, if not maintained properly, the septic tank can become overwhelmed and stop working, causing flood damage and health hazards.

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Septic tanks should be pumped every two years to avoid septic tank failure, while the filter should be cleaned annually. However, because septic systems are out of sight, they’re often out of mind. The majority of us don’t notice there’s an issue until the septic system starts acting up. If your property is experiencing flood damage or other interior damage related to septic tank failure, contact our restoration team at Texas water damage.

Common Signs of Septic Tank Failure Include:

  • Slow Drains – If your septic system is failing, it can slow down your drains. The next time you’re taking a bath or washing the dishes, take note of whether or not it takes longer for the water to drain.
  • Bad Odors – When the sludge and waste piles up in the septic tank, the waste travels higher in the tank. If left untreated, it can cause issues in the future. If you begin smelling foul odors around your home or business, it might mean your septic tank is failing.
  • Health of Grass Near Drain Field – The septic tank is connected to the drain field, which distributes waste water outside. If the lawn next to the drain is looking particularly lush, it might mean water is leaking and can mean problems with your septic tank.
  • Water Puddles – Look out for unusual water puddles in your yard or around your septic system. If a septic tank is too full, it can cause the wastewater to back up and leak into other areas of your property.

If you notice these symptoms, you may be able to treat septic tank failure with a more traditional plumbing service before you need our help. Our team is equipped to clean up septic flooding in a way that safely and effectively restores your property. We are the team plumbers hire to restore the interior damage to a property caused by septic tank failure.

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